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Allergy testing


The "gold standard" for allergy management for dogs and cats, immunotherapy based on allergy skin testing is the only treatment that can actually reverse allergic responses.

video otoscopy


Sometimes, chronic ear infections need to start with a "clean slate". A video otoscope allows for thorough cleaning and better visualization of the entire ear while under anesthesia.

Laser therapy


Stubborn skin lesions get a healing boost with laser therapy, using specific lightwaves that energize the skin's natural healing ability. This treatment is well-tolerated by dogs and cats alike. 

skin biopsies


When trouble is more than skin-deep, biopsies allow trained skin pathologists to diagnose your pet's skin disease, allowing for targeted treatments. 

laser growth removals


As dogs age, minor lumps, bumps, and skin tags are common. Our surgical laser allows us to removed these, usually with only local anesthesia. 



21st century technology allows your veterinarian to consult with Dr. Holm about your pet if distance is keeping you from making an appointment with us.